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From the Heart of Courtney...

Heart. Passion. Soul. All the things that make us unique. With one listen to Courtney Phelps, you know you've found just that. For Courtney, this is more than music. This is life. Through her songs, the North Carolina-native singer/songwriter shares the story of her own search for individuality and the message of God's faithfulness along the way.

Though brought up in the church, it wasn't until tragedy struck her life at the age of sixteen that Courtney finally turned her life over to God. "When I was a sophomore in high school. there was a terrible car accident that killed four of my classmates," says Courtney. "Up until then, I had been pushing God aside and telling myself He wasn't really calling me. God used that accident to put me on my face before HimÉ literally." Late one night, Courtney decided to stop running, got on her face before God, and surrendered to His will. Two weeks later, she was invited to join a praise team at her church. These unimaginably painful circumstances placed Courtney on the path that God had been leading her toward for so many years. Despite her reluctance and fears, God proved His faithfulness and now she spreads His message of hope. "He is bigger than our fears and all we have to do is trust Him through the darkness" says Courtney.

Now 23, Courtney has been playing the guitar and writing music for the past five years. Her debut album, "The Freedom to Be", talks about the struggle we have as Christians to answer GodŐs call for our lives and rest in His promises. She calls this album "A labor of love." "Transferring heart into audio was the hardest part," says Courtney. Pulling inspiration from other female singer/songwriters such as Bethany Dillon and Colbie Caillat, this acoustic/pop-rock collection of fluid guitar melodies and commanding vocals tells a story of God's faithfulness when all seems hopeless and lost.

"Your Promise" was written out of the frustration Courtney felt while waiting for her career to take shape. This frustration is a feeling that we, as Christians, can all relate to. Inspired by Zechariah 4, when God called Zerubbabel to rebuild His temple, the song resonates to a believer that God can do the same in his or her own life. "The song is my cry to God about being in this 'in between' place in life, knowing what is on the other side, and trusting God while you wait to arrive there," Courtney says.

The album's first track, entitled "Run to You", " a true anthem with an infectious hook," says Terry Weaver of Fuselage in Nashville, Tennessee. The first lines of the second verse embody Courtney's message of God's hope through an achingly beautiful depiction of His sacrifice for His children: Your open arms, they shield me from all harm; Your wounded hands remind me of your plans.

Courtney's compelling lyrics challenge the heart of a believer to stop ignoring the call of Christ and run to Him. "If I could stop one heart from breaking, that is my desire. To introduce my generation to a God that can heal them and restore them." You will want to be front row center for the debut of this genuine artist and hear for yourself the heart-healing message in her songs.